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“P*rn Addiction” : A Disrespects to Women !

“Porn Addiction” : A Disrespect to Women !
Hi Thank You for being Here ! , & I will portray the talk Why Some research which concluded that Porn is actually a disgrace to even Humanity.😈😣
This Brand Aim to Create Addiction free Earth, motivate You All the Day, Inprove Your subconsciouness Mind. Those treating "porn addiction" see women 🙋as pathetic victims of their feelings.😮😱

Here is the Interview of Porn Addict Itself :

You Must Watch his FULL Interview to Know the point.😢
Although "porn Addiction" is not recognized as a disorder in the Psychology , and the concept is disregard by most professional sex therapists around the planet, the porn addiction movement is Enormous and growing. 
They are Some Brands evolving to the cause-
Fight the New Drug
( I personally know About the Porn Addiction Movement From them😊 )

Life Start Therapy
( Today i Actually searched About them when i m doing research about it😉😇)
There are Various Porn Addiction Rehab centres in the…

Little Known Ways to HEALTH MINDSET || Blogging Journey Begins

Little Known Ways to HEALTH MINDSET Life is So Much fast these days, that actually affect Our habits to Deeper Extent, like Eating so Late, Not so strict about Junk Food addiction, Porn Addiction to 1/4 part of world & By all these habits , we Are changing Our Mental Emotions, which have a keen effect in Our Life Leads to Disorder like. Depression  Not So Focused( The Biggest Problem of Me till i started My Web Developer Journey :D)  Drug Addiction  Attention Disorder (in the Gap of 10 YEars , our attention gap have reduced from 16 to 8 seconds)  & of Major Them of All i.e Our Mood referred in Psychology as Mood Disorder We all face the disorder like these & Your MINDSET about health will affect you more in your life than any pill, any disease or any doctor you see, and my goal now is to help you develop a new, empowering and confident belief system about your health💪 and well being. 
Here is the My Researched data About Emotions Result To Health change in Yourself-