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Why 21 century is harder for Men ??

Society may have changed beyond all recognition in the last century , but own needs and Motivation have remained unchanged in hundreds of thousands of years. Today' Topic can be seen by somebody as realistic & rest of have to control their excitemtment about ๐Ÿ˜ it.

Hi my Name is Tarun , Author of BLOG, Today I will discussing the topics which have multiple answers linked by including how feminism come to the world , Evolution of Metrosexual men ( A term created by Western feminised society ) , and the belief of men and women Before 1960s ( how women expectations changed much).

Men Before late 1950's around the globe were the last the last generation of men who were raised with the undestanding that to be  Charismatic , or sexually appealing , they must posses a job, an outside shed. They should hold open the door for lady, a never use bad words around any female , drink lots of beer๐Ÿบ , have a muscular ๐Ÿ’ช. That's largely all that was ever required to be a 'real men…