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Why 21 century is harder for Men ??

Society may have changed beyond all recognition in the last century , but own needs and Motivation have remained unchanged in hundreds of thousands of years.
Necessary traits of ancestors💑
Today' Topic can be seen by somebody as realistic & rest of have to control their excitemtment about 😐 it.

Hi my Name is Tarun , Author of BLOG, Today I will discussing the topics which have multiple answers linked by including how feminism come to the world , Evolution of Metrosexual men ( A term created by Western feminised society ) , and the belief of men and women Before 1960s ( how women expectations changed much).

Men Before late 1950's around the globe were the last the last generation of men who were raised with the undestanding that to be  Charismatic , or sexually appealing , they must posses a job, an outside shed. They should hold open the door for lady, a never use bad words around any female , drink lots of beer🍺 , have a muscular 💪. That's largely all that was ever required to be a 'real men'.
A real man would never cry in public unless he was watching a movie in which a heroic dog died to save its master. or he accidentally dropped a full case of beer.  

Since the 1970s and with the emergence of more feminised Western Societies , women's expectations of men and relationships have changed.   Western's now regards more from men than their fore mothers ever dared imagine.

Women feminized revolution came to existence in late 1960's & 50,000 at that time protested in Neywork.

Until the 1970s a woman had to find a 'Find a men'  in order to considered socially respectable to bear 'legitimate' children or even to borrow money. Now , these conditions no longer survive, women are free to be more demanding in what they want from men. Majority of men have attempted to try the new challenge, but because women's additional criteria usually mean she wants him to think like a woman-  for example, realising when somone feels down. talking endlessly  about feeling and discussing problems without reaching a solution ( these things are not a natural part of male brain hard wiring)- men have been left confused and bewildered and have retreated into what was previously called 'blokish' or macho behaviour.💪 These Behavior include an obsession with details about car engines, motors computer or sports statistics and all combined with few, if any, personal communication skills. Today's feminised societies don't like this male behaviour and sometimes attempt to define it as an illness. Some males are lablled as mentally ill when in fact they are only displaying the acute forms of some masculine behaviours or have been poorly parented.

but why ?? 
Decision of good Masculine traits preference will make a good biological father. In Own species, we as Human mammals unsurprising, the story is more complicated. Some cheeks prefer "tough guys"  and rest of the prefer more sensitive types.Why? It could be cause women face a trade-off when choosing a mate. In some conditions, masculine qualities are more valuable, in Others a more feminine partner might be the better choice. Research results under a decade and half  shows that women choose masculine men more for a short-term relationship than for marriage, perhaps because macho men are generally less committed.

Today's in Education, teachers of young children are almost majority of women 👀👌 . They encourage boys to 'talk out' their differences and 'play gently ' as opposed to forming hierarchies, wrestling , play-fighting and electing leaders, which are hardwired male brain features. There are few,if any , male role models as teachers. It all adds to the confusion new generations of young men feel when thinking about what it means to be male.

Unfortunatel, the bar for what women expect from men is raised annually by the media and hollywood/bollywood, to the points where many men have simply given up tring. Women are expected to live upto images of the perfect starltes on the cover of women's magazines, but it's even tougher for men, because at least women's magzines show you what you're supppossed to look like-men magazines don't. The New perfect male for the 21st century should be warrior in the workplace, a metrosexual marvel when it comes to clothes, in the gym , a perfect dad, a friend who loves listening to women talk about their problems and a sensitive guy who cries 😭😰 when he watches Beaches and Romeo and Juliet. Unfortunately , for most women, this type of man usually has a boyfriend. 😂😅 And the list of requirements for the perfect 21st century man grows, many men retreat into football games, car ralllies and pubs , where men can still act like men in front of each other. 

&& Bdw 21 century women Really Want ?? 👇👧
A Metrosexual men

Thank You For Reading this  & comment qualities have i missed any criteria for being 21 century men. 😉 Free Personal Consultation.


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