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ALPHA DOMINANCE : A definitive guide to men lifestyle productivity improvement

Women are naturally submissive and unconsciously WANT a more dominant man to be submissive to.
Read my inner depth article first to find more.

The basic piece of their cerebrums reveals to them that progressively overwhelming men having  lifestyle improvement will deliver more beneficial sperm and more grounded and more advantageous posterity.
 lifestyle improvement
Well who do you know that’s more dominant than a bad boy?
No one really…
Because if you think about it, all of the most dominant men in history, business, sports, film, music, etc. were and still are considered “bad boys”.
So dominance is a major highly attractive trait of bad boys for  lifestyle improvement.
How do you become more dominant so women find you more attractive?
Begin by commanding YOURSELF, however first make certain of this slip-ups:-
Not dominating women.
Not dominating other men.
Not dominating animals.
Not dominating 12 year old kids on Call of Duty.😅
A lot of men fake being dominant in but they have no clue of what real dominance is.
 lifestyle improvement
We all have a part of our brain that is still a child and it wants things fast and easy, is about short-term gratification, wants to be immature, irresponsible, lazy, and doesn’t want to do anything that is the least bit painful –regardless of whether it’s beneficial or not.
It wants to stay in charge, keep you acting like a child,and making childish decisions instead of being grown up and mature about things-

  • When you need to get out of bed, the childish part of your brain is telling you, “Screw that.
  • Let’s hang out, eat junk food, watch TV all day, and be lazy because I really don’t feel like going through all that pain today!”
  • When you need to go to bed early or on time, the childish part of your brain is saying, “Nah.
  • When you want to lose control of your emotions, the childish part of your brain says, “Go ahead and let it all out! It feels good! Throw a temper tantrum because you’re not getting your way!”
Dominating yourself first means getting this childish part of your brain🧠 under control.
We actually don’t realize just how much of our decision making process and behavior is hijacked by this “inner child” unless we pay strict attention and do our best to take control back.
 lifestyle improvement
So when you tell yourself “no”, you are actually telling the childish part of your brain“no”.
When you tell yourself “no”, you’re telling your inner child, “I’m in control here! I’m making the decisions that are best for me and my life.
With time, practice, and patience, you’ll get better and better at controlling your inner child and better at allowing the “inner grown up” to run the show and make decisions.
When you get your inner child under control, you are becoming more dominant over YOURSELF.
You are getting your thinking, feelings, behavior, and actions under control and no longer being submissive to your “inner child” or undisciplined side.
So why is it so important to dominate yourself first?
Because if you’re submissive to your inner child and the things you know you shouldn’t be doing , how submissive are you going to be to women?
Women DO NOT want submissive men because almost impossible to feel attraction for them.
What is being submissive to women?
Saying yes to every request.
Not knowing how to say“no”.
Being afraid to say“no”.
Letting women walk all over you.
Letting women use you for money.
Letting women talk down to you and be verbally abusive.
Not speaking up when she does something you don’t like.
When you learn how to say “no” to women and you don’t let them mistreat you in any way, you are being dominant.The type of dominant women like.
Remember, people only get away with what you let them get away with.
Think about this:-
Why should women treat you with respect if you don’t treat yourself with respect?
Why should women respect your “no” if you don’t respect a “no” to yourself?
Why should women not use you if you use yourself and mistreat yourself?
Being dominant is not dominating women or other men.
Being dominant is putting your foot down and dominating unacceptable and “bullshit” behavior from yourself, women, and others for lifestyle improvement.
When you are able to dominate your thinking, feelings, and behavior, women will NATURALLY become more submissive to you -which is what they want.
Since women are timid by nature, they just first need to be sure that it’s “safe” to be submissive to you.
When they know it’s safe to be submissive, they’re more willing to do things with you and for you that they would never do with or for other, more submissive, men.
Being dominant over yourself causes you to become calmer and more in control of yourself.
Instead of getting overly excited or cocky when a woman likes you, you’re staying calm and figuring out how to amplify the attraction without driving her away.
So if you want women to feel attraction for you because you’re just as dominant as the bad boys they desperately want, quit being submissive to yourself and women.
Tell yourself “no”.
Tell your inner child “no”.
Tell women “no”.
Conquer and become dominant over yourself and women will naturally let you be in charge,become more submissive, and respect your dominance.

Here's Some BONUS TIME --
Dominance is all about knowing how to outsmart and outwit those who would seek to dominate you.
A woman is attracted to a man she feels is more powerful than her.
Alpha men have the ability to say ‘NO’.
Read our article on Bad Boy 


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