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React vs Respond: A Guide to Alpha Male Confidence

I’ve noticed through my experience that one of the biggest problems we have around women is we “react” instead of respond. In my opinion, when we react to something, we’re behaving based on natural tendencies and instincts.

When we "react", we're really taking one moment to stop and consider what we're going to state and do or even feel in light of what simply occurred.

A lot of guy naturally respond to women and situations instead of reacting because they know reacting can mess things up. Instead, they know it’s better to pause or stop and think about what to say or do next so they don’t make the situation bad or worse.
Responding is based on Facts. the Present & Curiosity.Reacting is based on Emotions. The Past & Defensiveness.Which one you use will alter your interactions with others completely. Many of us are in reactive mode 24 hours a day and it causes us to be full of anxiety, uptight, and unable to just relax.

So next time you’re around a woman you like, …

How to Define your Standard as Alpha Male or Bad Boy ?

Bad boys don’t settle for anything less than what they want.

There are standards and inclinations that must be met with the goal for them to be upbeat or fulfilled...

Develop this exact mindset with women...
Never accept anything below your standards or preferences.Never acknowledge whatever really doesn't fulfill you.Anything less and you’re only cheating yourself, watering down your character, and not being congruent.
Men withwell-defined standards and preferences are MUCH more attractive and valuable to women than men with no real sense of standards.
The guy who’s willing to go home with ANY woman regardless of looks or personality has no standards. You may argue that he doesn’t discriminate, but in reality he’s probably desperate or lacking standards.
Do you honestly believe women want to go home with men who will sleep with ANYONE?