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How Curiosity Can Change Your Life?

If you have the desire to develop you can, and sometimes all you need is a conscious awareness of how to do it. Even if you scored highly on the inventory, there’s still an opportunity to grow, to think of different ways to extend and stretch your abilities. 

For example, if you scored 5 on “Everywhere I go I am looking for new things or experiences,” then find even more new experiences. If you’ve explored 10 different cities in your country, then aim for 20; or if you’ve traveled to 7 different countries in the world, then aim for 15. The pointers below should help you to define your personal aims. When you’ve done so, write them down on your notepad or in the document you’re creating—somewhere you can check back on to see your progress.

These Points will be helpful to Enhancing Curiosity :-

Feed Your Brain
  1. Read, read, and read some more - Reading broad and varied material not only helps to develop curiosity, but has been shown to improve emotional intelligence and understanding of social nuances. 
  2. Learn from people with experience and expertise - Watch documentaries, view TED talks, attend talks on different topics.  
  3. Listen to other people’s stories - I learn so much about different industries, cultures, careers, and so on from hearing people’s stories. There’s nothing stopping you from asking people about themselves, what they do, what their challenges are. Reading biographies and watching biopics are also helpful. 
  4. Take a course - This can be in whatever appeals to you—it doesn’t have to have anything to do with your job or what you’ve done in life so far. Try not to classify or restrict yourself, just give something different a try.  
Feed your brain in a way that works for you. If you like reading magazines, buy different magazines on topics you wouldn’t normally consider. But remember, it’s persistence that’s key: you need to keep going, stay following a thread to see where it will take you.
Speak to people
  1. Ask questions -In the leadership environment, people who ask the most questions tend to be the most impactful, knowledgeable, and insightful leaders. For a leader of a retail organization, for example, listening to what someone on the shop floor thinks tells them more about what’s going on than only looking at company data and analytics, and as a bonus it makes the person feel valued. It doesn’t matter who you are, there is always something you can learn from another person.  
  2. Consult others on their expertise - Even if you know something about what a person is telling you, don’t be tempted to jump in straight away and share what you know. Instead, listen and look for things that add to or give you a different angle on your own knowledge.    
  3. Be interested in everything - Even things that don’t appear on the surface to have much significance for you can be fascinating. Sometimes I get calls from industries that don’t appeal to any of my natural interests, but I have to be attentive in  order to understand fully how things work so that I can do my job effectively. Without exception, every single company that may have seemed a little boring had much to explore beneath the surface. If you make the effort to look beyond the obvious, I guarantee you will be surprised at what you find. 
  4. Just watch - Be an observer. For instance, sit in a restaurant with your back against the wall so you can watch people and be aware of what you see and hear. Watching rather than interacting with people prevents us from changing what is going on between people. This makes it easier to see and learn from what’s going on (I will discuss this more in the following section).  
  5. Pursue your own personal growth - Follow the pointers in this book to see where they take you and what more you can learn about yourself. 
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  1. Speak to strangers - Everyone has something interesting to say if you’re prepared to ask and then listen. The added benefits are that every interaction is a learning experience, it will leave the other person feeling good, and it will give your brain a boost (this kind of connection positively stimulates the brain). It may feel a bit scary, but give it a go. 
  2. Embrace opportunities to go to new places - Rather than always going to the same bar, restaurant, café, holiday location, or taking the same route to work, try going somewhere new or taking a different route.
  3. Push yourself beyond your comfort zone - This requires you to accept your fears and anxieties. That’s easier said than done, but is something that can be developed through mindfulness and an approach called acceptance and commitment.
Make a note of your personal objectives and how you’re going to develop your curiosity. Keep this realistic, otherwise you won’t manage to do it, but allow enough of a stretch to take you beyond your comfort zone. Thank you to Read.


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