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How to Fulfill Your Potential in 21 century ?

Fulfilling our potential is center to being human😊. It has been a consistent for a considerable length of time and over our reality. It is the thing that has enabled us to flourish as a race, inquisitively searching out circumstances, finding out to an ever increasing extent, proceeding to push limits in our social orders and our reality.

Today, for you, fulfilling your potential is about possibility and growth: exploring your opportunities and place in the world, what makes you uniquely you, how you can soar and shine with your strengths and embrace your weaknesses. It’s about defining your purpose or your dream and living in pursuit of it, whatever that may be: being the best friend and relation you can to those in your life, giving back to your local community, breaking a record, starting a successful business, becoming an Olympic athlete, or taking over as Managing Director of an international company. It’s about unleashing your personal possibility, developing yourself in order to express your individuality, and living your life to the full extent of your capacity. 
In order to fulfill your potential, you need to understand your behavior and your motivations, and you need to be aware of why you are the way you are, and the impact that has on other people. You not only need to “define you,” but to define the path you want to take through life, to understand your purpose, and to feel confident in pushing the boundaries. 

At the same time, you must be willing to accept setbacks and learn from them. You need to know how to recognize your tipping points, both psychological and physiological, and to be aware of how best to respond in order to keep going. You have to understand the massive organ that is your brain, and learn to respect it in order for it to function optimally. To really fulfill your potential, you need to recognize that occasionally pausing, taking a breath, and stepping back from the fast-paced world is not a “nice to have,” but a “have to have.” 

Finally, you must understand your environment, to be curious and open to what’s going on around you and tuned into the network in which you exist. All of this will allow you to join the dots on who you are, to create the narrative of your story, memories, and values that make up your identity now. You are valuable as you are, but with an understanding of what your potential is and how you want to fulfill it, you will be able to release more of yourself and ultimately will feel a greater sense of accomplishment and be more complete as a person. 
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