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Innovationviamotivation is a BLOG, being mean to make Healthy Society , free from Addiction, persistent Learning.

How This incredible journey started ??(short summary view)
The writer of this blog is not a professional writer ,beside contrary the writer  is much person, neither have much interest in reading & writing onward 2018 , be that as it may, conditions heard and understand that I should attempt my enthusiasm towards spreading mindfulness and create acquiring for vocation.

& Then started From Instagram to Share uncover and some unshared quotes by writer around the world into the page , then i started my professional blog.

P.S. I actually lack Marketing , but I'm improving my strategy.

Issues We wanna Raising Through ??

  • Digital Health --
  1. Insomnia & Sleep Pattern (A Trending Issue of All Ages)
  2. Gaming Addiction (on the Growing stage, 10 million addicted,) 
  3. Pornography Addiction(A Trending Issues , majority of Teenager are being suffered or being suffering)
Porn addiction statistics
  • Depression & Mental Health issues including Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety, Depression , Anxiety.
  • Drug addiction including alcohol ,Narcotics(opium/marijuana),
2017 Report  

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    Just ask yourself-
    Are you not suffered by any kind of addiction

    Is Use of Electronic gadgets over night break your sleep pattern?

    Is Consumerism forced destroying your Wisdom ?

    Are you suffering from Depression due to so much wide options available to achieve and you are not able to choose one at time ??

    Are you loosing your self-control over mental health ?? Like Willpower toward your goals, not have enough focus on work , suffering from depression when the things you desire not get ??

    How can you Being a important part of our community?? 

    You Just Require to fill details, we will contact you.
    If You are genuinely interested,
    Check out how you can help us 👍

    How Will We Use your Contribution ??
    As you Read Above , this blog itself having a issue to Limit Smartphone Addiction Habits , 
    Here's the Sequence of events what we gonna do-

    Our Initial Stage Funding Goal- $10,000+
    What we will do ??
    Register the NGO Trust , hire a Team , Then We Need to find a Team of--
    Brand Building To People Know About Our centers
    Public Speaker For Spreading Awareness (Goal to reach a half billion population in a short time, The Most Difficult thing, but not impossible)
    Offline Therapist Network Setup Around The Country with Team
    Use of YouTube To Spread Awareness()
    Then Find the cause with leading psychologist , and Trained Psychoneuroses (The People We Hire from Contribution Section)
    Watch this video to get Complete Guide-

    Our Second Round Stage Funding Goal- $100,000+
    ✋✋Coming Soon !! ✌✋




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