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How Reactive Are You?

How aware are you of your reacting brain’s messages? Do you just automatically respond, or do you question and test what it tells you? 

The ability to step away from your reacting brain is not only essential to making effective judgments in a professional setting; research has repeatedly demonstrated that this self-awareness is a critical component of successful leadership and success in any walk of life. Most importantly of all, it also positively influences overall mental health. This awareness enables you to understand your own emotions, and also to appreciate how other people perceive you, allowing you to adapt your responses in the moment. This skill is critical in being able to engage and influence other people, as well as to manage the impact that your emotions have on others. The good news is that self-awareness is something you can develop.

The first step in improving your self-awareness is to work out where you’re at currently !!

How Curiosity Can Change Your Life?

If you have the desire to develop you can, and sometimes all you need is a conscious awareness of how to do it. Even if you scored highly on the inventory, there’s still an opportunity to grow, to think of different ways to extend and stretch your abilities. 

For example, if you scored 5 on “Everywhere I go I am looking for new things or experiences,” then find even more new experiences. If you’ve explored 10 different cities in your country, then aim for 20; or if you’ve traveled to 7 different countries in the world, then aim for 15. The pointers below should help you to define your personal aims. When you’ve done so, write them down on your notepad or in the document you’re creating—somewhere you can check back on to see your progress.

These Points will be helpful to Enhancing Curiosity :-

Feed Your Brain
Read, read, and read some more - Reading broad and varied material not only helps to develop curiosity, but has been shown to improve emotional intelligence and understanding of socia…

How to Fulfill Your Potential in 21 century ?

Fulfilling our potential is center to being human๐Ÿ˜Š. It has been a consistent for a considerable length of time and over our reality. It is the thing that has enabled us to flourish as a race, inquisitively searching out circumstances, finding out to an ever increasing extent, proceeding to push limits in our social orders and our reality.

Today, for you, fulfilling your potential is about possibility and growth: exploring your opportunities and place in the world, what makes you uniquely you, how you can soar and shine with your strengths and embrace your weaknesses. It’s about defining your purpose or your dream and living in pursuit of it, whatever that may be: being the best friend and relation you can to those in your life, giving back to your local community, breaking a record, starting a successful business, becoming an Olympic athlete, or taking over as Managing Director of an international company. It’s about unleashing your personal possibility, developing yourself in order t…

React vs Respond: A Guide to Alpha Male Confidence

I’ve noticed through my experience that one of the biggest problems we have around women is we “react” instead of respond. In my opinion, when we react to something, we’re behaving based on natural tendencies and instincts.

When we "react", we're really taking one moment to stop and consider what we're going to state and do or even feel in light of what simply occurred.

A lot of guy naturally respond to women and situations instead of reacting because they know reacting can mess things up. Instead, they know it’s better to pause or stop and think about what to say or do next so they don’t make the situation bad or worse.
Responding is based on Facts. the Present & Curiosity.Reacting is based on Emotions. The Past & Defensiveness.Which one you use will alter your interactions with others completely. Many of us are in reactive mode 24 hours a day and it causes us to be full of anxiety, uptight, and unable to just relax.

So next time you’re around a woman you like, …

How to Define your Standard as Alpha Male or Bad Boy ?

Bad boys don’t settle for anything less than what they want.

There are standards and inclinations that must be met with the goal for them to be upbeat or fulfilled...

Develop this exact mindset with women...
Never accept anything below your standards or preferences.Never acknowledge whatever really doesn't fulfill you.Anything less and you’re only cheating yourself, watering down your character, and not being congruent.
Men withwell-defined standards and preferences are MUCH more attractive and valuable to women than men with no real sense of standards.
The guy who’s willing to go home with ANY woman regardless of looks or personality has no standards. You may argue that he doesn’t discriminate, but in reality he’s probably desperate or lacking standards.
Do you honestly believe women want to go home with men who will sleep with ANYONE?

ALPHA DOMINANCE : A definitive guide to men lifestyle productivity improvement

Women are naturally submissive and unconsciously WANT a more dominant man to be submissive to. Read my inner depth article first to find more.
The basic piece of their cerebrums reveals to them that progressively overwhelming men having  lifestyle improvement will deliver more beneficial sperm and more grounded and more advantageous posterity.
Well who do you know that’s more dominant than a bad boy? No one really… Because ifyou think about it, all of the most dominant men in history, business, sports, film, music, etc. were and still are considered “bad boys”. So dominance is a majorhighly attractive trait of bad boys for  lifestyle improvement. How do you become more dominant sowomen find you more attractive? Begin by commanding YOURSELF, however first make certain of this slip-ups:- Not dominating women. Not dominating other men. Not dominating animals. Not dominating 12 year old kids on Call of Duty.๐Ÿ˜… A lot of men fake beingdominant in but they have no clue of what real dominance is. OUR INNE…